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The Czech Republic (Czech: Česká republika), or alternatively Czechia, is a European country featured in Euro Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

It neighbours Germany, Poland and Austria, Slovakia. All these countries except Slovakia are featured in Euro Truck Simulator as well, with Slovakia added in Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game.

Along with Poland and Slovakia, the Czech Republic receives an expansion in the first ETS2 map DLC: Going East.

Accessible Cities[]

The capital, Praha, is the only Czech city featured in Euro Truck Simulator. Brno joined Praha in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and the Going East DLC further introduced Ostrava.


  • Brno
  • Ostrava (GE)
  • Praha


ETS 1[]

Four Euroroutes are featured in Euro Truck Simulator.

  • E50 - (E55 - Germany)
  • E55 - (Praha - Germany)
  • E65 - (E67 - Austria)
  • E67 - (Praha - Poland)

ETS 2[]

Highways in the Czech Republic used to be divided into two groups: Dálnice and Rychlostní silnice. Template:Wikipedia link, and the signs for the two Rychlostní silnice in the game were updated half a year later. ETS 2 now features seven Dálnice.

The icon for D4 also appears in the game, but it's for the same-numbered Slovak Diaľnica. The corresponding Czech Dálnice was still a Rychlostní silnice when the game was released, and was not featured in the game.

  • D0 - (Praha Ring)
  • D1 - (Praha - Ostrava)
  • D2 - (Brno - Bratislava)
  • D5 - (Praha - Nurnberg)
  • D8 - (Praha - Dresden)
  • D10 - (Praha Scout factory access)
  • D11 - (Praha East)

Cross-border minor roads exist for the following connections:

  • PrahaFrankfurt am Main
  • Praha – Linz
  • BrnoSzczecinGdańsk
    • Branch to D10
    • Branch to D1 east of Brno
  • Brno – Austria (eventually A21)
  • Czech D1 – Slovakian D1

Rules of the Road[]

It is mandatory to have headlights turned on at all times when driving in the Czech Republic and those caught not using them will receive a fine.