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Euro Truck Simulator 2Edit

In ETS2, you can change the truck from Cabin to Interior.Edit

Cabin Edit

The Cabin in ETS2 has 1 to 3 changes for it. The first setting [except the Renault Magnum] is for trailers that carry construction equipment like front-loaders, tractors, farm equipment, or excavators. The 2nd setting is for trailers that deal with pipes, lumber, diesel, petrol, and oil. The last setting [2nd setting on the Renault Premium, 1st setting on the Renault Magnum] deals with boxed trailers only.

Chassis Edit

The Chassis comes in 3 different options: 6x2, 6x2-4, and 6x4. It also has a taglift and midlift chassis options for all trucks. Some chassis mods include tandems.

Engine Upgrades Edit

This is one is quite simple: It upgrades the engine power, torque, and rev range of your truck to haul heavier stuff.

They range from 310hp to 750hp. Any engines that rate below 310hp or above 750hp are modded engines.

Transmission Edit

The transmission in this game has two different settings: Default and Retarder Transmission. Both settings have 12 gears. Transmission mods range from 6 speed to 18 speed.

Interior Customization Edit

The Interior Customization allows you to change the interior of your truck. They may range from mirrors to windshields but in mods and from SCS as well, interior customization may include flags, magazines, curtains, and more.

Exterior Customization Edit

Exterior Customization allows you to change mirrors, door handles, wheels, sun visors, add lights, and more. The Renault Magnum by the way, does not have any door handle customization on it. Certain brands of trucks like Scania, Volvo, MAN, etc allows you to put custom license plates on the windshield [windscreen] of your truck. Some modded trucks like the Scania 4 Series and Scania T have very creative ways of exterior and sometimes, interior customization too like magazines, laptops, pack of cigarettes, etc.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mercedes-Benz [Old] Actros is the only truck does not feature a GPS [or Sat-Nav] on the dashboard.
  • Scania was the first truck brand to be featured in the game but MAN was the only licensed brand in UKTS and GTS.
  • MAN is the only truck brand that has a optional cup holder when you upgrade the interior option from Interior #1 to Interior #2.
  • Renault is the only truck brand to not feature door customization.
  • Scania is the only truck brand to feature 3 different types of interiors: 1 with no GPS on dashboard and 2 with a GPS on the dashboard.
  • Iveco Stralis High-Way is the only truck with only one interior option.
  • The New Merc Actros has also an option for a sideskirt that is curved rather than straight.